B48 Oak Barrel
B48 Oak Barrel
B48 Oak Barrel
B48 Oak Barrel

B48 Oak Barrel

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This balsamic comes from the "Humami" barrel.
Humami is found in all those foods that "they taste good". The Japanese term, in fact, means "with an exquisite flavor".

This capsule reflects to the maximum all the canons of Balsamic Vinegar: dark brown in color, but as bright and clear as it is, it has a correct density and smooth syrupiness.

  • Obtained from the direct, slow and open-air cooking of DOP Trebbiano grapes, it is particular for a truly exquisite aroma.
  • The sweet and sour taste, amalgamates and harmonizes acidity and sugars, is alive, frank, of extreme fullness and frankness.
  • (Acidity: 7.59 / Density: 70.2 / 297.5 points at the Palio, 300 at the final table, vote: EXCELLENT )

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