B48 Chestnut Barrel
B48 Chestnut Barrel
B48 Chestnut Barrel
B48 Chestnut Barrel

B48 Chestnut Barrel

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This capsule contains a dark brown colored vinegar, dense, in syrup, with a fragrant scent that harmonizes and makes the contrast between acidity and sugary part balanced on the palate.
It comes from the "La Vecchia" barrel, one of the first three batteries of the Acetaia, started in 1972.

The first barrel, the smallest and oldest, is very old: it has come to us (empty and well preserved) thanks to my great-great-grandfather.

  • Direct, slow and open-air cooking of DOP certified Trebbiano grapes;
  • Slightly ferrous aroma, which is not a defect, but the result of the permanence inside a centuries-old barrel;
  • An excellent vinegar for those who love an aged and decisive taste;
  • (Acidity: 6.8 / Density: 67.5 / 286 points at the Palio).

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